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Outdoor Events and Festivals

Eye in the sky safety management along with our drone detection system for an overview and monitoring service second to none.

Coming from a background in event security and CCTV coverage at events and festivals, we very quickly saw the advantages of aerial imagery when dealing with crowd safety and incident reporting.

The next step was to develop our own eye the sky service, using aerial imagery in both emergency and non-emergency situations, including crowd management and traffic monitoring, and major incident reporting.

Our UAVs can be airborne and at the scene of an incident within minutes, and real-time information can be shared with security staff as well as emergency services arriving on-scene.  This advance information will be invaluable in providing the best possible service to keep visitors safe.  This can of course all be done at a fraction of the cost, and in a fraction of the time, of using a helicopter to reach a situation.

Our drone detection system works by not only scanning and detecting for drone frequency but most importantly the location of the drone operator with in a few meters with a radius up to approximately 10km terrain dependant.

As UAVs are becoming more readily available to the general public, we are finding an increased incidence of visitors to festivals using UAVS to film and record public and artists illegally.   There are health and safety issues pertaining to unauthorised flights, and it is in everyone’s best interest if unauthorised flights can be stopped as quickly as possible. Our detection system is quick to install and our UAVs can be airborne in minutes to help locate unauthorised and uninsured operators; this greatly reduces the amount of time that the unauthorised UAV poses a risk to other customers.  It also greatly increases the likelihood of securing a prosecution against the unauthorised operator if requiered.

Our aerial imagery can also be used in non-emergency situations, including crowd management and traffic monitoring.

In the case of an incident taking place which may later need to be reported upon to the emergency services, insurance companies, etc, aerial imagery will provide an excellent record.

Additionally, after the event, all images would be sent to you, for you to use in promotional materials, for website design, etc.

Commercial and Marketing  UAV Services

Commercial and Marketing

Achieve amazing dynamic imagery. A great marketing tool for exhibitions, property agents, architects and many more commercial & corporate users

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Events and festivals UAV Services

Events and festivals

Eye in the sky safety management with Hi-tec low-cost aerial imagery as well as our very own effective anti drone system

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Weddings and Non-Commercial UAV Services

Weddings and Non-Commercial

Add impact with our incredible UAV aerial imagery which can be used alongside traditional eye level photography at weddings etc.

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